Throughout our long journey closely collaborating with interior designers, Arival Stone has managed to offer complete designs of bathrooms, elevating these spaces through a significant range of solutions for floors, walls, shower trays, countertop sinks and decorative shelves. These diverse solutions have created and decorated unique spaces of classic beauty that only natural products such as Arival Stone can create.

By combining our elegant grey with woods, oaks, metals such as copper, bronze or stainless steel, we have created spaces characterized by a timeless character of great beauty.

The great variety of finishes that our material offers facilitates any type of solution as part of the most classic bathrooms to the most cutting-edge designs.

Arival Stone, as a very homogeneous and stable material in its color, structure and physical-mechanical characteristics, allows us to tackle any design regardless of its technical complexity.

We offer the latest technological advances to provide any solution.

Let your imagination fly and let us advise you in this creative process.

We carry out all kinds of work, from solid stone bathtubs with unique designs to shower trays that are later treated on their surfaces with high-end products that the chemical industry, represented by top-level brands such as Fila, Basf, Bayer or Mapei among others, have been developing throughout their extensive career in the natural stone industry.

The Arival Stone team is constantly evolving by adapting the different solutions offered by these brands in order to apply to our stone the most demanding requirements in the market in terms of durability with products that guarantee a high resistance to soaps and cleaning products, both for body use and/or sanitizers for a proper cleaning process and disinfection without modifying the initial beauty of the surfaces that Arival Stone provides in the multiple applications carried out over many years and in many creations.