Arival Stone has its widest presence in the field of garage access ramps with many projects developed throughout our history.

These paving solutions are clearly determined by the conditions of slope, light or medium-heavy traffic of vehicles and the shape of the ramp itself, whether it is straight or curved, which mark the design of the paving of these accesses.

Paying special attention to the choice of bonding systems with mortars, we guarantee a perfect adhesion and at the same time flexibility to absorb the impacts to which these pavements are exposed to with solvency, especially in the staging areas and acceleration in the vicinity of the access doors, where vehicles normally stop or slow down while waiting for the door to open and special care must be offered when installing them.

In addition, if the ramps have curved sections, the vehicles must slow down to trace them and many lateral forces are produced towards the outer radius of the curve.

As for the dimensions of the tiles, their thickness is normally determined by their dimensions.

For instance, if a 60×40 tile is used, we recommend a thickness of 4 to 6cm depending on the type of traffic that the ramp will withstand.

Regarding the finishes, we always recommend bush hammered or flamed that comply with the required regulations classified as C3 that guarantees that pedestrians who use these ramps as an access to the garage do not slip.

Other finishes that we usually use or recommend is our split face finish, with a very rustic and natural appearance in formats that can vary from 10cm to 30cm in width and thicknesses from 3.5 to 5.5cm.

The combination of this texture with pieces of the same dimensions but finished to the cut forms an irregular checkerboard, is a relatively new solution that is having a good acceptance among our clients.

A more traditional solution is the use of pavers of different sizes such as 10×10, 20×10 or 20×20 and thicknesses from 4 to 6cm installed with a joint of 6 to 10mm. These joints provide a braking solution to avoid slipperiness among pedestrians.

Regardless of your design, Arival Stone can offer multiple solutions supported by several cases of success in this type of projects.