There are many options that we can offer to our clients for their gardens.

A landscape with stone can be very decorative. Large or small rocks can be used depending on the desired objective. By always combining it with plants, we can pave the floors with our wide range of formats and finishes, mark a garden path with loose slabs and even create micro gardens with loose stones that seek a more disorderly appearance very close to the natural concept.

When building a fountain, stream or pond you can use our stone as a cover by using gravels of our own material that we already have at your disposal.

We can supply garden curbs that help you separate different areas of your garden as well as stone benches that allow you to make the most out of your garden.

In combination with rustic woods and stones of other colors, you can use our material to get an ideal space for meditation and relaxation, since we all like to be surrounded by nature.

We can also provide solid stair solutions in the cut or format that you desire, as well as following your specific measures or with more regular dimensions that adapts to your needs in order to save unevenness.

We also offer stones of a larger volume to carry out soil containment work if your idea is to create a garden with different levels. These rocks can have an irregular shape with which they create the traditional breakwaters, as well as a prismatic shape cut to the size that your design requires.

We will be glad to offer you our ideas and solutions if you request it.