Decorative elements

The different stone artisans with whom we collaborate deserve a special mention by taking into account their great professionalism and expertise depending on the requirements of the different orders they carry out.

Some of them own the equipment and machinery of all kinds such as CNCs, multi-axis, wateryet… with which they can finally develop any decorative element regardless of its complexity and size, being able to undertake volume works by meeting the most demanding deadlines.

Others humbler with basic machinery but with the mastery acquired through generations, who can develop any type of work with the help of a simple template and many times even with a simple sketch from the designer that the craftsman is going to use to shape the stone and sometimes even to improve the initial idea.

Considering our extensive experience, the Arival Stone team carries out a further analysis of the solutions that our clients propose, trying to improve them by coordinating our technical office with the different artisans in order to achieve the expected quality at a fair price and reasonable deadlines that can be adapted to the needs of any project.

Our stone supports all types of work and crafts that these stone artists are capable of creating.