Split face finish

The split face finish is a rustic finish that is applied on the edge of the stone (previously cut to the desired size) with a pot and a special point chisel.

This work is carried out by specialized stonecutters that dominate the different techniques that should be used depending on the desired final format due to their wide experience.

Arival Stone is a very solvent stone that can perfectly achieve this finish due to its homogeneity and geological structure.

It should be noted that just a few stones allow this technique to be carried out starting from a thickness of 2 cm, leaving the final thickness at approximately 1.5 cm. We supply this thickness in free length and in 10 cm wide formats at very competitive prices.

After developing multiple tests, we have managed to offer this finish in special formats that reach 1 m in length and 35 cm in width, offering formats that are not easily found on the market and that will delight those architects and decorators who want to add to their projects a rustic and exclusive final touch.