Urban planning – Solutions for urbanizations

Throughout what we consider to be a wide experience as part of the development of urban spaces, Arival Stone has grown to offers different stone solutions for these spaces.

At the very beginning we offered our stone in paving projects with the multiple finishes and formats that each design intended to provide to the different spaces. For this, we have adapted our textures, for instance, to areas with a historical background in which our split face and sheared finishes turned out to be ideal solutions for their pavements.

In more modern areas, we have supplied our bush hammered, micro bush hammered or flamed textures that perform perfectly and guarantee the safety of pedestrians when it comes to slipperiness.

Our desire for innovation to adapt to the requirements that the designers of these urban spaces transmitted to our team leads us to incorporate more elements in our stones from benches and bollards to fountains, encouraging us to develop a product line that we have called URBAN, which offers a wide catalog of urban furniture solutions.

Being aware that these elements are part of public spaces of shared use at the service of the community, they should be easy to understand and manage, by also favoring the stay and use of the environment and access for people with reduced mobility.

It is important to point out that Arival Stone, being part of an integral system of a public space with different particularities, focuses on adding to these spaces a special identity, attending to any requirement that the creators of these spaces may require.

Since Arival Stone is a natural stone with high physical-mechanical features, it provides an extra guarantee in terms of durability and sustainability by taking into account that in case the exterior surfaces would easily degrade and without a high cost over the years because of use and/or exposure to different aggressive environments, they will be re-treated on site, making them look brand-new.

We can adapt to multiple designs by facilitating the use of our elements in terms of anchoring to the pavement and/or mobility, among others.

Arival Stone is a limestone material that is extracted in the north of Burgos, with a homogeneity and quantity guarantee that also allows us to offer exactly the same product regardless of the period of time in which the order occurs. Thus, the end customer will not need to worry about the reuse of our elements in order to design spaces that over time change the urban plan of our streets due to future growth or renovations.