Arival Stone has a longstanding experience in the use of our stone in order to find solutions to all kinds of facades.

The range of possibilities offered by the different designs of the exterior facade cladding is very wide in order to meet the most complex standards that their modelling requires.


There are many conditioning factors implied in the design of a facade.


Essentially, these factors vary from the geographical areas in which they are developed to the technical conditions in terms of the size of the different modulations that each project requires, as well as the installation system chosen by our clients.

Based on these conditioning factors, Arival Stone is a stone that throughout our extensive experience has demonstrated its solvency in many projects developed in diverse countries all over the world. This is verified by the optimal results supported by the current state of our work throughout more than 10 years of exposure to the most adverse weather conditions which have not damaged its physical-mechanical structure, lasting over time.

Thanks to our strict quality controls, we can guarantee that the specific tests carried out are stable over time, proving the enormous reliability of our quarry, whose production of more than 250,000 m3 marketed throughout our life, not only guarantee an unequaled homogeneity of color and structure, remaining stable over time, but also the sequence of tests carried out by the different approved laboratories in which we periodically test our material in accordance with the requirements of the current regulations in Europe and the USA, showing that Arival Stone is an option that offers all the guarantees to our clients and prescribers.

The wide range of finishes offered by our stone, allows designers and architects to easily adapt it to their projects. There are basically 2 facade systems in which Arival Stone has developed a multitude of projects.

On the one hand, the facades glued with adhesives in which Arival Stone has closely worked with several renowned brands in order to be able to advise with full guarantee on the gluing material most compatible with the technical solution required in the different projects.

We will be glad to answer to any type of question that you make, being able to prove the viability of our recommendations with multiple cases and examples.

On the other hand, there are the so-called ventilated facades that use a metallic structure which later supports our material.

The regulations require us to guarantee the reactions of our material when facing different mechanical stresses that the anchoring of our stone to these structures must comply with.

We would be delighted to show you a wide range of projects in which Arival Stone participates by fulfilling the most demanding requirements that each specific case carried out has required.