Swimming Pools

“Design finds its origin between the emotion it produces and the function it offers”

At Arival Stone we are very aware that a quality design is the balanced and accurate combination between these two elements. Among all the projects in which Arival Stone has participated, creating swimming pool areas attached to a building have probably been the ones requiring our biggest effort in order to meet the multiple requirements of a pool and everything that surrounds it.

A pool is basically made up of two large work areas, the pool and the beach that surrounds the pool.

There are several projects in which Arival Stone has been the material selected to cover the glass of the pools. In front of this scenario, we have adapted to the set requirements: chlorinated water or salt water? In both cases we have carried out specific tests in accredited laboratories to guarantee the resistance and durability of Arival Stone over time, especially by focusing on the possible aggressions that these two types of water exert on natural materials.

The result has been successful, Arival Stone is a stone that throughout these years has demonstrated resistance to aggressive environments, no matter the type of stone finish employed in our previous projects.

The beach areas must meet mainly two important requirements, one is the slipperiness that we guarantee with our flamed, bush-hammered, sandblasted and acid-etched finishes, and the other is the temperature that our stone reaches in summer times when the hours of sunlight and the intensity of the heat can so high that a floor becomes impractical. Arival Stone has an adequate thermal conductivity for these cases, it does not accumulate heat and it is optimally cooled with the aeration of the area itself and of course, with the water that these areas moisten by its own use.

We will be glad to tell you about our experiences and share the knowledge that we have acquired over the years developing swimming pool projects.