Hammered finish

The hammered finish is one of the most traditional finishes.
It is obtained by striking repeatedly with a tool called a bush hammer, which taps and carves the surface of the stone until the desired texture appears.
The finish is a rough and homogeneous-looking surface formed by small craters uniformly distributed from 1 to 3 mm in depth and width.
This finish highlights the natural tone of the stone, obtaining a light grey cement look.
There are 3 possible variables depending on the different degrees of bush hammering which are regulated with special care, on the one hand, by focusing on the size and density of the dotting, and on the other hand, measuring the applied strength by showing the number of impacts and the type of bush head (thick, medium and fine).
The use of this finish is very varied in traditional constructions, especially in the north and central areas of Spain, and it has been used in facades, baseboards, stairs and pavements, especially in those that require a non-slippery surface.
It is a finish that Arival Stone, thanks to its hardness and homogeneity, handles with total solvency no matter the type of bush hammering that our clients require.