For these spaces, which in recent times have been gaining relevance by becoming the heart of many homes in which families gather, Arival Stone has evolved in order to facilitate and offer the best solutions both in renovations and in new contractions, always paying special attention to their functionality, quality and aesthetic design.

The character of our stone, its timeless beauty and the multiple possibilities of textures and finishes together with its very competent physical-mechanical characteristics, enable us to be present in all kinds of designs from a traditional style accompanied of noble woods to the most cutting-edge designs that include solutions in glass and metals, achieving a more minimalist character.

The cooking “factory” asks for all the surfaces in which the multiple culinary elaborations are developed, which today a few lovers of good cuisine must endure, to be resistant to the dance of sauces, vinegars, juices, oils and cleaning products that go into the daily use of these spaces. That is why Arival Stone not only meets the most daring aesthetic demands, but also withstands the aggression of all these products on its surfaces by guaranteeing its durability with the application of a wide range of hydro-oil repellent products from the most powerful brands available in the market of specific protection products for stone.

All the products applied comply with the regulations that establish the health conditions for the areas where food is handled.