The stairs are constructive elements that as such, at first it seems like an easy decision to make, but from our perspective it is not. A ladder acts as a transitional space towards a higher area but it also marks a substantial difference in the style of the building that is pursued in its design. The confluence and harmony of this initial area will define the character of the spaces in which this important constructive element is embedded.

Arival Stone has collaborated in many experiences that have forged the character required for this type of projects, backed by the many architects and designers who have chosen our stone.

Both in exterior and interior spaces, we have adapted the multiple finishes to satisfy the requirements, not only of an aesthetic nature, but also technical in which, for example, mandatory regulations of a dimensional type and especially of slipperiness must be followed.

We can satisfy this requirement, for example, with our flamed, bush-hammered or striped finishes. In all of them, we develop the tests that current regulations require us to comply with both for stairs for public and private use.

We can satisfy all aesthetic requirements thanks to the latest generation machinery employed for these works and guaranteeing the desired final result.

We carry out any type of work, be it curved, straight, solid and offset steps, all of them aligned with a set of elements that will finish off a good design with risers and stilts to suit the most demanding jobs.