Flammed finish

The flamed finish adds to our Arival Stone a rough, vitreous and very natural appearance.

The stone acquires a rough texture in which soft reliefs in the form of tiny mounds and depressions appear, and its alternation curls the surface of our stone by almost completely eliminating the risk of sliding.

The flamed finish involves the modification of the properties of the stone’s surface through the direct exposure to a flame.

Due to the reaction of the stone to the flame, the outer surface flakes and ripples because small portions of the material explode as a consequence of high temperatures.

We use a fuel that is made up of a mixture of oxygen and propane by applying the flame in an angular way to the surface of the stone at a perfectly programmed advance speed. This way, we guarantee that the 2500 ° C of temperature that this flame reaches can achieve the desired purpose, making sure that the finish is homogeneous throughout its surface and of course, without damaging the physical-mechanical characteristics of Arival Stone.

The flamed finish is a convenient candidate texture for outdoor cladding due to its non-slippery properties for floors.

This texture also adds a great final touch to the facades covered with it, either glued or in ventilated facades.