Aged finish

The aged finish aims to add to new material the appearance that only the passage of time and environmental aggressions causes in every stone.

Specifically, Arival Stone is a material that fully supports the different techniques that the marble industry has developed throughout its long history.

These accelerated aging techniques are achieved mainly in 2 ways: by mechanical means by employing techniques based on the application of different abrasive brushes to create the undulations, and by reliefs that faithfully imitate the passage of time and the erosion that the environment produces in natural stones. The produced effect is due to the fact that the hardest parts that form the geological structure of the materials remain on the surface, creating small concavities around them caused by the disappearance of the softer materials that are linking the hardest ones, which most of the times are fossils.

Since Arival Stone is a sedimentary rock, in its composition we can find the presence of small fossils mainly of the ammonite family together with a mixture of different minerals in a very homogeneous way throughout its composition. This composition enabled us to find the perfect combination of different brushes and abrasives of a hardness and composition that allow to drag this set of minerals in a very constant way, achieving the different degrees of aging no matter the dimension of the project that is pursued with this finish.

Another technique that the marble industry employs in order to achieve this finish is based on the application of chemical products to attack and decompose this set of binding minerals, leaving the fossils on the surface. These chemical agents are applied in special bathtubs that guarantee the total homogeneity of the final texture by scrupulously measuring the exposure times of the chemical agent on the stone surface.

The aged finish is a convenient option to add the character and style to the surfaces that only the passage of time achieves, and the reliefs and the silky texture of the final finish also make Arival Stone the ideal solution for projects that pursue a vintage look in coatings.